About us

We Organize Ourselves According to Holacracy

On April 1, 2017, we abolished our classic hierarchical management structure and introduced Holacracy. It was a courageous step into the future that shapes our daily lives today.

Why Holacracy?

With Holacracy we use a modern organizational system to optimally shape the constant change of our organization.

We work together according to new rules and forms. Because the idea of Holacracy is not to achieve a perfect final state, but to gradually advance ideas, improvements and changes.

Dynamic, Efficient and Self-determined

We can adapt quickly to our dynamic market environment. We are constantly reinventing ourselves and responding better to the needs of our customers. This means in concrete terms:

  • We are more efficient and effective because we find the solutions and make the decisions where the questions arise.
  • We increase our customer orientation by constantly optimizing our circle and role composition.
  • We are living interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • All our employees contribute their skills and passion in a targeted manner.
  • We encourage self-responsibility and self-determination and offer room for creativity.

Our organisational form promotes the self-responsibility and autonomy of our employees. Because work is best when it is successful and fun.

How Does Holacracy Work?

Holacracy is a self-organization. Power is no longer concentrated on individual people, but distributed among circles and roles. The circles consist of different roles. Each circle and each role fulfils a certain sense and purpose and has responsibilities which are defined as expectations and not as boundaries.

The roles are filled by us employees. To this end, we are empowered with authority and decision-making authority. Because we know what is good and right.

Our Seminars

Get to know our wide range of seminars: from feedback through leadership to effective decision-making in an agile organization.