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Fredhopper: optimally addressing the e-commerce target group

Fredhopper's online marketing suite raises revenue by presenting the right product at the right time to the right person in order to systematically improve the product offer.

With its intelligent faceted search, Fredhopper can follow the logic of customers and understand their behaviour - and finally show them a tailored product offer. Due to its above-average speed and flexibility, it can find the right products and offer them dynamically in real time.

Fredhopper also provides services such as cross-selling and up-selling with targeted recommendations - and supplies web analytics reports to measure and raise conversion rates.

Unic - your partner of choice for e-commerce projects

Due to its close collaboration with Fredhopper as a Platinum partner, Unic can offer successful and long-term e-commerce solutions. Unic has many years of experience in incorporating Fredhopper into e-commerce strategies, in combination with hybris in particular.