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Google: give your enterprise state-of-the-art search

Google is the global market leader when it comes to searching for information on the internet. With its outstanding Google search products for enterprises (enterprise search), users can dramatically improve both website searches and searches on an intranet.

Offer the visitors to your website the same search relevance, speed and usability that they have become accustomed to from The Google Search Appliance (GSA) provides search results from virtually all information sources (intranet, file system, ERP, CRM, etc.) within your organisation. Existing security guidelines are applied.

Unic - your partner of choice for enterprise search

Unic is a Google Enterprise partner and has been using Google search solutions as a core element of its search solutions for websites and intranets for many years. Our experts would be happy to advise you in your choice of product and will configure both the user surface and the ranking mechanisms according to your personal requirements.