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Inxmail: raising sales and cutting costs with e-mail marketing

Inxmail Professional is one of the leading solutions for e-mail marketing, proven by an impressive range of awards. Inxmail enables e-mail marketing activities such as e-mail campaigns and newsletters to be readily implemented.

With numerous standard interfaces - for CRM and e-business systems, for example - Inxmail Professional offers you various solutions to increase sales and cut communications costs through the use of individual, personalised messages.

Unic - your first point of call for e-mail marketing

For over ten years, Unic has been designing and realising customised solutions for e-mail marketing. A dedicated Unic team offers services in consultation, design, content and technical implementation all from one source, thereby guaranteeing total solutions that are popular with the target group. We have refined our products to enable simple links to be made to content management systems and social media. This easy-to-use, high-end solution can be operated internally or externally in the Hosting Centre serviced by Unic.