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Magento: a high-performance, open-source solution for online shops

The reason for Magento Commerce's success lies in its wide range of functions: Magento covers many of the needs of a professional online shop. In addition to the usual shop functions such as product catalogues, shopping baskets and check-out, it can also manage customer accounts, product reviews and ratings, cross-selling, wish lists, product comparisons and much more. Magento has also won fans with its excellent usability and intuitive operability. On top of this, it also covers key parameters of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Magento Commerce at Unic

At Unic, you will find an experienced, well-trained and highly-motivated Magento Commerce team. We will create your shop according to your specific needs - professionally and sustainably, and tuned for maximum market effectiveness. Combining attractive design with user-functionality, we will coordinate the management of your shop with your resources and systems.