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Prediggo: increased sales with intelligent recommendations

Prediggo is a master of the great art of selling: to anticipate the customer's every wish. With sophisticated technology, Prediggo can show the visitor products that correspond best to their ideas and needs.

By studying factors such as clicking behaviour, order histories and demographic data, highly-customised product recommendations are generated in real time. Based on artificial intelligence, these recommendations encourage customers to browse longer on the website, look at more product detail pages and finally to buy more.

Prediggo can be ideally combined with e-commerce platforms such as hybris and Magento. The administrative environment offers a wide range of reports, statistics and parameters for controlling purposes.

Prediggo at Unic

Unic is in close contact with Prediggo's recommendation system experts. Working with us, you will meet an experienced and motivated team that will help you to address your customers more personally and lead you to increase your sales on a systematic basis.