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Qumram: Compliant Web Content Archiving

Qumram AG develops and sells software that enables the archiving of information and transactions exchanged online between companies and their customers, or within the company itself. Qumram is the only web archiving software in the world that is capable of guaranteeing seamless content and, thus, complete traceability of all transactions. It thereby fulfils a basic requirement of corporate compliance.
The software can be fully configured with any web application, including websites and mobile, social media, social enterprise, Intranet sites, e-shops and online banking portals. Furthermore, the recording and archiving of web information is fully automated. The software's special characteristic is its ability to perform transactional archiving, which is unique worldwide.
Online data is subject to the same storage requirements as paper, documents and emails. Although compliance officers within companies are aware of this fact, they were previously lacking a solution to the problem.
The mission is to store the ever-changing content of websites, social media, social enterprise and mobile applications, in order to fulfil the current regulatory requirements and to preserve important evidence for future generations.

Unic - your partner of choice for web archiving

Thanks to their partnership with Qumram, Unic is able to offer you comprehensive solutions which allow you to secure your data on a long-term basis. With Qumram seamlessly integrated into Unic solutions, your contents are smoothly archived.