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Sitecore: first-class web experiences

The Web Content Management System (WCMS) from Sitecore stands out from the others with its award-winning and intuitive user surface which allows authors to publish contents in no time and to offer website visitors a first-class web experience.

Internet presences with several different country sites, languages and output channels such as web, mobile, e-mail or print can be clearly and efficiently managed. Among its comprehensive range of functions, Sitecore has also included web analysis, e-mail campaign management, e-commerce and forms. Sophisticated interfaces enable the suite to be integrated into existing company systems such as Sharepoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Unic - your partner of choice to implement Sitecore

Thanks to our close collaboration with Sitecore, you are given professional customer service and support from a direct source. As a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner, we can supply you with technologically sophisticated and efficient solutions based on our sound expertise. At Unic, knowledge of your system is safeguarded on a permanent basis and spread over a number of employees.