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Tealium: turbo for marketing and analytics

With over 350 customers around the world, Tealium is the market leader for enterprise tag management, offering a solid basis for consolidated marketing activities that aim to achieve profitable real-time interaction with customers across all digital touchpoints.

Tag management solutions have developed into a key area for digital marketing strategies – meaningful reporting and targeted online marketing require advanced and rapidly adjustable tracking in order to collect and present business-critical data.

Tealium enables tags to be created, published and modified without the need for a website release. It also allows for central, cross-platform tag management and documentation. Companies have more control over their digital marketing providers and tags, and can reduce their dependence on IT resources, increase flexibility and take advantage of the option to launch personalised initiatives with consistent data. The applications range from web analytics, tracking and display modulation to A/B testing and reach measurement.

The solutions by Tealium offer the following Enterprise functions:

  • Detection of promising customer segments for conversion in real time via Tealium AudienceStream® and set and control tags based on these segments
  • Sophisticated publishing and processing workflows
  • Tag integration and modification regardless of device or platform via Tealium iQ (e.g. native mobile apps)

Unic and Tealium

Unic, Tealium Certified Agency Partner, has extensive expertise in analytical topics and years of experience in the design and implementation of web analytics solutions. Our portfolio also comprises tag management and the identification of future trends in online marketing. Our strengths can be pinpointed in the comprehensive solutions and services that we provide in the fields of analytics and digital marketing. We combine a profound knowledge of business with technology expertise. We offer a general tag management consultation service and provide our customers with tool evaluation, implementation, migration and steady support on request.