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Webtrends: web analysis as a source of knowledge for the e-channel

Webtrends is a world-leading and award-winning supplier of solutions in web analysis and performance marketing management. Webtrends Analytics enables you to evaluate online activities - from simple standard reports through to customer-specific reports which provide greater insight into the success indicators of your business objectives. The data that is gained can also be exported to other systems such as CRM.

Unic - your first point of call for web analysis projects

Unic has years of experience in designing and realising web analytics solutions with a range of evaluation tools and has worked chiefly with Webtrends since 2004. With over 50 Webtrends customers, Unic is the most experienced Webtrends partner in Switzerland. Our strengths lie in our combination of business and technological expertise, such as tougher security regulations, for example. A specialist Unic team provides all the services a customer requires - from a needs analysis through to consulting, configuration and installation - all from one source.