Sustainability – About Us – Unic Navigation and Service


Unic environmental protection officer Fritz von Allmen

Unic is committed to the environment!

Unic takes its responsibility towards people and the environment seriously, and is committed to minimising harmful environmental effects. Careful use of resources and conscientious recycling are important to us.

We have an environmental management system since March 2013 and we can look back on the following milestones in sustainability:

  • Unic rejects nuclear power
    We stopped using nuclear power in 2013, both for our office buildings and our hosting centre. Our energy from various energy companies is generated from renewable sources.
  • Unic takes the train
    We do not have a fleet of vehicles – most journeys are made by public transport. In 2012, Unic saved 357 tonnes of CO2 emissions according to a report by SBB, a saving of 96% compared with travel by car.
  • Unic recycles
    Every month, we collect more than 50 boxes of empty PET bottles and deliver them to a recycling company. And our hardware is delivered to a Swico-affiliated company to be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.
  • …and we even drink green coffee
    Even our coffee is easy on the environment – it’s grown organically by small farmers in Mexico.