Weblösungen für Banken und Versicherungen gehören zu den Kernkompetenzen von Unic

​Banks and insurance companies in the digital world​

The digital channel is a major touchpoint on the Customer Journey. Many banks and insurers are therefore looking for a way to address their customers personally via the digital channel​. Digital solutions for banks and insurers are part of Unic's key competencies.

On this page you will find our know-how on the subject: our benchmarks, articles, references and much more.

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Next Standard in Customer Communication

With the relaunch of its website, the Group is setting a new standard in communication with its customers. Our experts were responsible for the conception, design and analytics as well as the frontend, application management and the initial set-up of the hosting. The platform runs on Sitecore 9.

KPT – a plus for the “personal” approach

Unic developed a new website for KPT based on Sitecore 9. The result is a digital hub that combines needs, product information, individual premiums and insurance closure in a completely novel way.

A unique one-stop shop

The LLB Group's digital one-stop shop on Sitecore 9 innovates traditional banking: website and online banking merge seamlessly.


Concordia – Close to the Customer

On the new website developed by Unic, CONCORDIA focuses entirely on its customers. They find relevant content easily, intuitively and barrier-free.

Sitecore Cortex: How Smart is it Really?

How smart are content management systems? And what do you need to do to reap the benefits from it? We looked behind the marketing facade and put Sitecore Cortex to the test.

Machine Learning Becomes Marketing Standard

Artificial Intelligence has become a standard in marketing. It is changing the way companies interact with customers but also requires marketers to rethink their self-image and skill set.

We work for the following companies

  • Unser Kunde Atupri im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft
  • BEKB – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Unser Kunde Concordia im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft
  • Credit Suisse – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Unser Kunde GVB im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft
  • Unser Kunde Julius Bär im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Lichtensteinische Landesbank – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Raiffeisen – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Suva – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft
  • UBS – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Unser Kunde ZKB im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Zurich Versicherungen – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft

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