Digitale Loesungen für Banken und Versicherungen gehoeren zu den Kernkompetenzen von Unic

​Banks and insurance companies in the digital world​

The digital channel is a major touchpoint on the Customer Journey. Many banks and insurers are therefore looking for a way to address their customers personally via the digital channel​. Digital solutions for banks and insurers are part of Unic's key competencies.

On this page you will find our know-how on the subject: our benchmarks, articles, references and much more.

​Insurance Benchmark 2017/18

Our fourth insurance benchmark reveals which traditional and which disruptive forces currently influence customer proximity. Today, insurance companies must be closer to their customers and their needs than ever before. Emotions, relevance and usability play a decisive role.

Banking Benchmark 2016

Today's bank customer is demanding, informed and appreciates autonomy. In this age of information overload, he is looking for a bank where he feels he is in good hands. The bank should enable him to make the right decisions on his own.

Health Insurance Benchmark 2016

High regulatory density, ongoing cost pressure and socio-economic change are shaping the dynamics of the health insurance industry. In addition, customer behaviour demands a change of perspective: the customer and his needs must be brought into focus.

From Call to Action to Next Best Click

The next best click on your website has great potential for optimisation, which goes far beyond the «Call to Action»: The «Next Best Click» (NBC) unites aspects of target group- and context-relevant content delivery and can be wonderfully integrated in the conversion path of a user journey.

Concordia Close to the Customer

On the new website developed by Unic, CONCORDIA focuses entirely on its customers. They find relevant content easily, intuitively and barrier-free.

We work for the following companies

  • Unser Kunde Atupri im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft
  • BEKB – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Unser Kunde Concordia im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft
  • Credit Suisse – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Unser Kunde GVB im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft
  • Unser Kunde Julius Bär im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Lichtensteinische Landesbank – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Raiffeisen – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Suva – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft
  • UBS – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Unser Kunde ZKB im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Zurich Versicherungen – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Versicherungsgeschäft

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