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Product information management

More products, more sales channels, more international markets: the amount of product information to be maintained is increasing by the day. Only if this data is available in a structured and consistent form can your company communicate the information across the various channels in a target group-specific way.

Product information and product content management

With product information management (PIM) and product content management (PCM) systems, you can manage immense amounts of product information efficiently within a structured form. This also enables single source publishing as data is managed and delivered from a central point – and your database is kept under constant control.

Online product communication

Even without an online shop, it makes sense to make the product range available via the internet. When making products available to users, a filter navigation, product search, product configurator and product comparison must all be offered at the very least. Ideally, you will supplement this range of information with personalised touches (merchandising) and customer self care. 

Media asset management

Media Asset Management systems (MAM) enable you to manage images, videos, 3D animations, sketches, data sheets and much more in a wide range of formats. With this data, you can supplement your online product information in an efficient and attractive way.  

Application in other channels

Data that is saved in a PIM or PCM system has a double use: you can use it in the online shop or your web catalogue and at the same time apply it to further channels such as printed publications, in-store displays, digital signage and mobile applications.