kompetenzen digital marketing

Digital Marketing: initiate and manage your interactions with your customers

Offer your customers exciting and individual experience. We will support you throughout the process, from the idea, through implementation to the promotion of your products or services via the digital channels.

You would like to react to your customers in a dynamic, fast and context-sensitive manner. We can help you create a digital platform that ensures customer experience across the channels. Together we will establish the requirements for you to be able to easily manage your complex customer relations: in a digital and analogue manner.

Meeting your customer in an optimal way on his individual journey lies in the centre of our attention. We will find out what your customers want, and build your digital services based on that.

Strategy and Advice  We will find out who your customers are and what their needs are. We will advise you on the development, communication and promotion of your digital offers.

Concept and Implementation – our User Experience and Technology Experts will ensure that your digital appearance will offer a seamless and barrier-free Customer Journey across all your channels: from the website to the customer hotline, from the newsletter to the social media platform. Our goal is to achieve the right combination of the brand, content, channel and product/ service and a positive user experience.

Systems and Processes – multilingual communication, personalisation and delivery across different channels such as Mobile, Print or E-mail - we will implement your requirements with the use of reliable Experience Management Systems. We will integrate your peripheral systems and develop technologically mature solutions.

Consistent customer experience across all Touchpoints

  1. An optimal customer experience through a dynamic Experience Management solution
    Users of your website or your e-shop are looking for information that is optimally aligned with their device and their needs. With an optimal display for all devices as well as communication coordinated across all channels you can offer your customers an optimised experience and enchant them with your services and products.
  2. With context-based contents, you will make your visitors into your customers
    Fine-tune your contents for your target groups, the usage context and the particular communication channel. With relevant, smart and up-to-date contents, you will capture the attention of your customers.
  3. The better you know your customers, the better and more individually you can approach them
    Use digital analysis in order to come even closer to your customers and enhance your offer and your campaign. With personalised and context-relevant interactions you will increase the conversion rate of your campaigns. Make data-based decisions, target your identified individual customers or segments, be creative in addressing them and manage purposefully your contents across the appropriate communication channels.
  4. Approach the Omnichannel customer in an optimal way at the digital Touchpoints
    The customer gets in touch with your brand through many Touchpoints. Accompany him actively on his Omnichannel way, and lead him purposefully through the digital Touchpoints to the appropriate conversion point.

We offer all digital marketing competencies from a single source

From preparation of your Digital Strategy through the analysis, the User Experience interface, technical advice and implementation up to the Content Strategy and execution of campaigns ­ we will support you in the individual task areas and their interaction. Competent operation and secure hosting completes our offer.

Rely on our 20 years of experience in the digital world and on our leading solution partners