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Responsive Web Design – consistent Web presence on all devices

With Responsive Web Design, we will provide you with future-oriented solutions that operate independently from the screen size.

Responsive Web Design is much more than a technical achievement; it is an attitude. It determines the development of a website from the first idea until the final implementation. We have internalised this attitude – for your success.

The term “Responsive Web Design” originated as part of the dynamic development of user devices with different screen sizes and varying resolutions. The inflexible desktop-focussed websites suddenly stopped functioning.

Responsive Web Design is a technical solution which allows a website to get automatically adjusted to the screen size and the browser resolution of the user device. Responsive means “reacting”, i.e. the website will react to the preferences of its user.

With the Responsive Web Design, the way we develop websites has fundamentally changed. The website flexibility has the main role to play here. In order to enable that flexibility, we work with Content First or Mobile First approaches: the contents must be available for all users on the website fields that are visible for them at that time – from small to large.

Five major advantages at a glance:

  • A consistent web presence throughout devices – whether a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop; the contents of your website will be optimally displayed on all screen sizes, and will be therefore available for all users.
  • Easy maintenance of the contents. You source your contents once centrally, and they will be displayed in the optimal form on all devices. Redundancy when content drafting is a past.
  • Sustainable and future-oriented: Your website will operate independently from any still upcoming screen sizes.
  • Advantages with Google ranking. Google positively rates responsive websites; consequently, with Google search your website will be displayed in a higher position.
  • Smaller quit rates, higher conversion rates. Through context-dependent content, which provides the user also with the searched topic, the user will quit less frequently, and will remain longer on the site. The conversion rate will rise.
Now is the time for the medium of the web to outgrow its origins in the printed page. Not to abandon so much wisdom and experience, but to also chart its own course, where appropriate.
  • We are early adopters. We have been here right from the start, and we are bringing in a wealth of experience with us to support large, responsive projects
  • The best quality. In our Device Lab ((verlinken)), your website will be tested at each development stage on all devices.
  • Internalised. Our development process is optimally aligned with the Responsive Web Design – from the first idea until the final implementation.
  • Holistic thinking. You will get from us all the competencies which are inseparably related to Responsive Web Design: from the content strategy and concept & design, through flexible prototypes until the final, technical implementation.