Usability – User Friendliness

A good user experience is our passion. We put the user with his needs in the centre of our Web projects. Our objective involves readily comprehensible and easily operated websites.

Usability is the general user friendliness of a product, in this case - of a web application. The objective is to achieve a simple, intuitive and quick operation of a website for all users. A good usability usually goes unnoticed with the users, a bad one – even more so.

The usability indicates how friendly a product is for its user, in short: user friendliness. Also the fitness for purpose and the intuitive user guidance are terms which describe well the usability of software programmes and websites.

Already over 20 years ago, usability expert Jacob Nielsen determined 5 principles defining the quality of usability:

  • Learning ability: How easy it is for users to complete basic tasks when they are dealing with the product for the first time?
  • Efficiency: How quickly can users finish their tasks once they got to know the design (product)?
  • Easy to remember: How easy is it for the users to find their way when they want to go back to the design (product) after a while?
  • Mistakes: How many mistakes do the users make? How serious are those mistakes? How easily can they get over those mistakes?
  • Satisfaction: How enjoyable is it to utilise the design (product)?

A poor usability of a website has numerous negative consequences:

  • The website is not speaking for itself. It is not clear for the user what the company is offering and what he can do on the website.
  • The user cannot find the essential products or information.
  • The user is frustrated, is quitting the website and is switching over to the competition.
  • The user remains longer on the website.
  • The user can find the products and services he is looking for.
  • The user becomes a customer.

On the contrary, if the user encounters high usability on the website, he will stay on it with a good feeling of satisfaction and with numerous, positive consequences:

The user recommends the site further to his friends and acquaintances.
Usability is like cooking: everybody needs the results, anybody can do it reasonably well with a bit of training, and yet it takes a master to produce a gourmet outcome.

Our awards show that we have the expertise in the Usability field! According to the usability ranking of the Best of Swiss Web, we are Number 1 among the agencies:

  • Usability Experts with vast experience: Only in a competent project team, each role can bring the crucial impact on the user friendliness. At Unic, this team is made up of information architects and designers, front- and back-end developers as well as test- and project managers.
  • Expert review: Our usability experts will verify and evaluate your website based on pre-determined criteria for your user friendliness and check if it is meeting user needs. You will receive the summarised results in a report.
  • Usability tests: In order to verify the user friendliness of a website, we recommend so-called usability tests to be run. They should be carried out as early as possible during the development phase in order to be able point out any potential usability problems at an early stage. We will gladly plan and carry out the usability tests for you.
  • Device Lab: The tests can be run directly on site. Hire our Device Lab, and have your website tested on all the essential devices.