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Unic news flash: interview with Nicolas Schibler of PKZ Group

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Our guest, Nicolas Schibler, head of e-commerce, PKZ Group, talks about e-commerce, multi-channel retailing and omni-channel retailing.

Unic magazine: What developments do you see in the future for e-commerce and why?

Nicolas Schibler: We're in the middle of a transition from ‘stationary’ to ‘mobile’ internet. Against this background, usage patterns and preferences are changing. How, when and on which device will I be inspired? Where will I do my weekly shopping? Information requirements vary depending on the location, time of day and device. We as a provider need to learn to cope with these highly differentiated user scenarios.

If you could switch roles with an e-commerce manager of another e-shop for a week, who would you choose and why?

Only one? (laughs) That’s a tough decision.

You can split the week of course.

I would like to spend the first three days at a start-up that is opening up a new market with a new product. I’d like to learn more about innovation, time to market and the efficient exploitation of social media channels.

On days 4 and 5, I would like to go to Amazon. It fascinates me how this ‘pure online player’ changed the game and became hugely successful and remains so, setting trends and always staying one step ahead.

On the last two days, I would like to take a look behind the scenes at a successful global e-commerce fashion retailer. I would be curious to see how it deals with the specific challenges of our industry.

Thank you, Mr. Schibler, for your exciting insights!

Behind the scenes of the multi-channel commerce at PKZ /