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Interview with Florian Held, Head of E-Commerce Mammut: A passion for mountaineering – also in the digital world

  • Nicole Buri

As the organiser of the E-Commerce Summit to be held on 14 June in Zürich, we have an exclusive opportunity to interview selected speakers who share with us their experience and opinions regarding the topic of customer engagement. We are looking forward to exchanging experience and to hearing your inspirations at the E-Commerce Summit!

This year’s E-Commerce Summit deals with the topic of customer engagement, i.e. the manner in which enterprises establish and nurture relationships with their customers in the digital world. In our opinion, customers expect experiences that appeal to them emotionally. What is the meaning of emotionalization for the Mammut brand? How does Mammut create an emotional world online, which attracts mountaineers who tend not to primarily look for the digital?

The emotional load of the Mammut brand has been one of our main concerns in the area of brand management. This objective was taken into account in the relaunch of and the associated combination of content, products and (prospectively) community. We would like this combination to offer the customers an attractive world of experience and create an emotional bond. In addition, with #project360 we have tried to create exactly such an emotional world on the Internet for our target group. There, our users can virtually climb such mountains as the Mount Everest or Matterhorn, which is how we further raise the involvement in our brand.

What role will be played by Mammut for mountaineers?

We want to be one of the most significant and successful enterprises in the field of mountaineering, rock climbing and outdoor equipment. Our products set quality and innovation standards and create new trends. Mountaineers and outdoor athletes identify us with the utmost safety, reliability, responsibility and progress. The brand claim “Absolute alpine” reflects that Mammut equipment is designed for alpinism. The coverage ranges from mountain climbing and rock climbing, through free riding and ski tours to trail running and trekking. We perform these activities with passion, and not only the products but also our marketing actions and PR stories authentically epitomise the passion for mountaineering.

Customers react more strongly to brands that address their specific needs and offer the relevant content in an appropriately personalised way. To what extent is personalisation/targeting a subject of interest for Mammut? What is your position and in what direction is the issue developing in Mammut?

Personalisation is definitely an important subject for Mammut. We would like to offer customers as tailored an experience as possible, let them experience the brand individually, in a way that is relevant for them. We already employ certain personalisation tools on our homepage and in our newsletter, but we are obviously at the beginning of this complex and partly resource-intensive project.

What potential can you notice in collecting information about customer behaviour during the customer journey and in using it for personal customer experience? What is Mammut currently doing in this area?

In my opinion, this issue is closely related with the earlier question about personalisation. The potential is definitely huge, good execution is complex and resource-intensive, in particular when customer behaviour is observed through various touch points.

Where do you see the greatest challenges in the area of customer engagement?

I think that the greatest challenge is the provision of tailored content and products at the right time, via the right medium and the necessary collection and analysis of data through various touch points.

Mr Held, thank you for this insight into the digital world of Mammut – we are looking forward to your speech at the E-Commerce Summit.