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Black Friday – mastering peak demand successfully

  • Carmen Candinas

Black Friday this year was again a big event for shoppers and bargain hunters. Manor, a client of ours, multiplied its usual profits on that day with The operations team at Unic supported Manor during that shopping event. With success. Even though the customers stormed the online shop, the system remained stable.

Attractive discounts attracted clients to

On Friday, 24 November, Black Friday sales were organised in different parts of Switzerland – Black Friday is the most important shopping event from the US. Manor AG which is the largest department chain store in Switzerland brought the Black Friday to Switzerland already back in 2015. What is characteristic about that day are attractive discounts, long opening hours and an extraordinary customer rush.

This year, Manor decided to extend the event by two days to make it a «Special Black Friday». From Wednesday 22 November to Friday 24 November, holders of Manor cards profited from a 30 per cent discount on most of the product range. The discount applied both in regular stores and in the online shop at

E-commerce platform remains stable despite a surge in traffic

During an event, such as the Black Friday, the number of visitors to an online platform can exceed the number of visitors of a «regular» day multiple times. The system platforms must continue to operate smoothly under such pressure so that the customers can benefit from the offerings. Apparently, not all Swiss online shops were able to cope with such high demand this year. The Black Friday at Manor, however, was a success. Despite the big rush, the online platform did not crash.

Successful online shop optimisation by Unic

The operations team of Unic has been taking care of the hosting and operation of since 2010. We had been preparing those important sales days for several months in cooperation with Manor. Based on the experience gathered in recent years, the experts from Unic performed major system adjustments and checked them during load- and performance tests. They repeated the procedure until they found the right scale for the expected traffic.

During the campaign week, the system engineers of Unic were available for Manor all around the clock. Following ongoing system checks, the Unic experts were braced for any eventuality, including a system overload but that did not happen.

Thanks to your professional preparation and support, Manor was able to cope during those important days in a smooth manner without any incidents.

Compared to an ordinary shopping day, Manor was able to record many more orders in the system. Anton Soliva, Head of E-Commerce Systems, is pleased: «Thanks to your professional preparation and support, Manor was able to cope during those important days in a smooth manner without any incidents.»

What can you do during such a surge in traffic?

Three measures are critical when preparing for an upturn in traffic:

  1. Efficient scaling of the platform
  2. Performance and demand tests
  3. Support during the campaign itself

Is your online shop ready for peak demands? We are glad to help you.

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