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MVP Award 2017 distinguishes 2 Sitecore enthusiasts at Unic

  • Nicole Buri

With the “Most Valuable Professional Award” Sitecore for the eleventh time distinguished experts that are enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience actively in Sitecore’s online and offline communities. This year, 215 Technology MVPs, 39 Digital Strategist MVPs and 18 Commerce MVPs as well as 10 Cloud MVPs from more than 29 countries were selected. We are proud that 2 of the Technology MVPs are part of Unic’s Sitecore Team: Reto Hugi received the award for the fifth time, while Tobias Studer was distinguished for the second time this year. We are very proud that you are a part of our company. We are impressed by the enthusiasm with which you share your technical expertise and your experiences with us and our customers.

What is the Sitecore Most Valuable Professional Award?

Pieter Brinkman, Director of Developer and Platform Evangelism at Sitecore, said the following about the contribution of the MVPs: “The Sitecore MVP Awards recognize and honour those who make substantial contributions to our loyal community of partners and customers. MVPs consistently set a standard of excellence by delivering technical acumen, platform enthusiasm, and a commitment to giving back to the Sitecore community. They truly understand and deliver on the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform to create contextualized brand experiences for their consumers, driving increased revenue as well as loyalty for life.”

Tobias Studer – Sitecore expert in the Unic team for many years

Tobias Studer takes part in Sitecore projects as a Team Leader and a Senior Application Engineer in various roles from the concept to the development: “Being involved in many Sitecore projects in various roles, I learned to appreciate the multitude of aspects of the platform in conceptional and architectural workshops with customers and peers, as well as a developer decompiling every corner of the framework to better understand its inner workings. To leverage the platform where it is most powerful, but also being able to drop the Sitecore goggles at the right moments keeps me on the tip of my toes. I enjoy reading code as much as writing it and try to exchange the knowledge by engaging in open or shared source projects, participating in the Sitecore Hackathons, writing blog post or just bouncing ideas off each other. All of this gave me the proper motivation to be a co-founder and speaker at the Sitecore User Group Switzerland.”

Reto Hugi - Unic's Sitecore Consultant par excellence

Reto Hugi assists the Sitecore Development Team at Unic as a Senior Technical Consultant with web development best practices based on Sitecore. “As a senior consultant at Unic, I support the development team with Sitecore and web technology best practices and consult our clients on a variety of topics around the Sitecore Experience Platform: from high-level infrastructure setups, automated build and delivery processes for Sitecore and expert reviews to implementation road maps to unleash the full potential of Sitecore. Sitecore plays a major role in my daily work since 2010 after we’ve chosen it to be the technology for all our projects and I’m still excited every day to see what a flexible and universal framework Sitecore is. We are using the Sitecore Experience Platform with all its capabilities in our projects and keeping up with all the new features and leverage them for our clients is a challenging but also very cool task. Last but not least, I help running the local user group meetings in Switzerland (, presenting at UG meetings and working on my own Sitecore Modules.”

We congratulate all Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals 2017. Your enthusiasm and expertise in web experience management continue to impress us over and over again.

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