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Efficient Order Processing for Medical Devices with SAP Commerce

  • Günter Glasauer

The optimal support of sales partners is a central success factor for B2B providers. The support and communication that used to run exclusively through personal channels is now supported and supplemented by e-commerce applications. Sales partners can thus inform themselves independently about the product range and place orders online.

For a customer who sells high-quality medical products to pharmacies, doctors and specialist medical retailers, we have developed an Omni-Channel platform based on SAP Commerce that goes much further: it maps the entire B2B2C chain right down to the patient. In addition to orders for general needs, the integrated product configurator allows you to configure and order customized products for individual needs.

Orders around the Clock

The existing communication channels such as field service and call centres will be supplemented by a valuable direct, time-independent interaction option: the medical specialist will find the right product online intuitively and specifically and can place orders efficiently. The administrative effort on their side is significantly reduced. Direct integration into the manufacturer's ERP system ensures that product and order data is stored, maintained and used centrally.

Patient Specific Orders

As it is possible to prepare orders for different patients in parallel, one can also create and process several shopping carts simultaneously. Furthermore, a purchase order can be provided with a delivery date in the future. An address book offers the option of accessing and using delivery addresses that have already been entered. An overview of information about a patient enables the user to always keep track. Of course, information is only given with the consent of the end customer, which is stored in the platform.

Precisely Fitting Products thanks to Product Configurator

In the case of many medical products, the success of the therapy can only be ensured by a perfect fit. Using a product configurator, tailor-made products can be assembled and ordered. By using a SAP Commerce Accelerator, many features can be implemented with manageable effort.

Quote Option for Bulk Orders

In addition to the classic functions such as searching for product names, brands or various product IDs, the new online shop offers the Quote option. This option is used to prepare and negotiate an extensive order. The quote is converted into an order as soon as one agrees on the conditions.

Efficient Order Administration

Another function aimed at B2B customers is the ability to efficiently re-order products or complete shopping baskets. The advantage of this function is quickly apparent: the customer-specific data for the patient does not have to be entered again. A streamlined checkout also speeds up the ordering process.

Holistic View of Orders

In the MyAccount area, customers can search for orders, invoices and credit notes, display them as PDFs and print them out. The overview is unlimited in time and also contains information and documents that have been entered at another customer contact point. This is made possible by deep integration with ERP. All information, such as orders, is stored in the ERP system and is only read out by the commerce system when required, so that it is not kept redundant. This approach is also called synchronous order management. This is made possible by Remote Function Calls (RFC), which access ERP function blocks.

Scalable Application Management

Thanks to Unic's many years of experience in hosting and operating SAP commerce solutions, it was possible both to support the production launch and to ensure application management. A close triangular relationship between the customer, the hoster and Unic is a key success factor here. Active monitoring alerts if necessary and enables rapid error analysis and correction.


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