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C/4HANA in a Nutshell

  • Dirk Noelke

With the repositioning of the customer experience (CX) products within the “SAP C/4HANA” suite, SAP takes the consistent next step towards the integration of the Hybris e-commerce platform acquired in 2016 across the company’s whole portfolio. As part of the integration, the five pillars of the SAP CX Suite were also redesignated.

Five pillars of the SAP CX Suite

  • SAP Marketing Cloud (formerly Hybris Marketing)
  • SAP Sales Cloud (formerly Cloud for Customer/Sales), including Revenue Cloud

  • SAP Service Cloud (formerly Cloud for Customer/Service)

  • SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly Hybris Commerce with the components being PCM / Product Content Hub, WCMS / Smartedit)

  • SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya)

SAP C/4HANA - Function with customer focus

SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Creation of consumer and customer profiles

  • Segments, campaigns and customer experiences

  • Customer identity management, lead management and care

  • Marketing planning, performance and analysis

SAP Sales Cloud

  • Sales support

  • Sales performance control

  • Sales control in retail

  • Configuration, price and offer

  • Subscription billing

  • Sales qualification and training

SAP Service Cloud

  • Comprehensive self-service

  • Customer service at any location

  • Integrated on-site service

  • Service processes and mode

  • AI-supported automation of customer service tickets

  • Quicker and scalable troubleshooting

SAP Commerce Cloud

  • B2C, B2B, B2B2C and B2Me support

  • Management of product contents and orders

  • Preinstalled integration with other SAP systems

  • Flexibility for innovations

  • Accelerator for more sectors

  • Commerce for small and medium enterprises

SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • Secure customer identities

  • Obtainment of customer consent

  • Central and uniform customer profiles

  • Creation of digital customer relationships

  • Registration and interactions

Summary of SAP C/4HANA

Thanks to the rebranding, the new direction is clear: the C/4HANA and S/4HANA suites have become equally important. This is because by means of personalised contact with the customers, which ultimately leads to lot sizes of 1 in the production processes, SAP focuses on the target groups (customers) of software providers. In addition, the integrated features become increasingly more significant in B2B and B2C scenarios:

  • the synchronous price request in the environment for channel-independent customer service with customer-specific prices
  • optimised delivery dates based on high dynamic storage on ships, on planes, on rail or on road
  • automation of the whole customer journey with information from CRM but also from ERP systems

Read our whitepaper on SAP

Further information can be found in our Whitepaper "Successful E-Commerce with SAP Commerce and SAP ERP".

This way the integration will be easier in individual applications without the direct use of the whole SAP Commerce Cloud and thus will also support the transformation into new business models. This is accompanied by the use of microservices through the Kyma framework – embedded in the SAP Cloud platform.

By integrating Qualtrics into the C/4HANA world and thus receiving information from customers about their experience and to use this for the company to improve, a round picture of the offer of the SAP is showed.

Authors: Dirk and Jörg Nölke

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