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Unic at the DrupalCon in Amsterdam

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The Drupal experts from Unic will travel to DrupalCon Amsterdam in October 2019 and will have exciting insights from our projects with them. We look forward to staying on the ball and sharing our knowledge with the community. We will talk and discuss about Drupal Commerce, the design of the Drupal Admin UI and Open Source.

Our Contributions at the DrupalCon

The program of the DrupalCon from October in Amsterdam is online! It includes 90 lectures in 6 different tracks.

  • E-Commerce track: Mario Schnauss and Kai Hartung share our insights from the project in the lecture „How we implemented a Drupal Commerce Marketplace for safety equipment“.
  • Drupal & Frontend track: This track features 15 presentations on the Drupal theme system, Decoupled Drupal with React and Vue as well as on design systems.
    Together with Archita Arora and Cristina Chumillas, Sascha Eggenberger will contribute a session to the Admin UI and JavaScript Modernisation Initiative titled „Designing the future of the Drupal Admin UI“.
  • Drupal Community & Being Human track: Here we can expect updates from various working groups as well as case studies from the areas of social & non-profit.
    In the „Open Source Contribution Panel“ I, Josef Dabernig, will interview Julia Pradel (Thunder), Sally Young (Lullabot), Michael Schmid (Amazee Group) and Bojan Zivanovic (Centarro) as guests. In the discussion, successful models for the integration of business, private life and Open Source Contribution will be discussed.

Further Tracks, Program Highlights and Keynotes

  • The showcases from and for the industry will once again be in the foreground: The industry track will feature a total of 30 presentations from the fields of Digital Transformation & Enterprise, E-Commerce, Government, Higher Education and Publishing & Media.

  • In the Driesnote, inventor Dries Buytaert gives an update on Drupal 8.8 and an outlook on Drupal 9.

  • Other keynote speeches include „If I can do it, so can you“ by Sue Black, „Humanity in tech“ by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and the „Drupal Core Initiative Leads“ keynote.

  • In addition to the lectures and training sessions from Monday to Wednesday, DrupalCon on Thursday will be devoted entirely to the topic of Contribution.

Unic's Drupal team is looking forward to an exciting DrupalCon 28 – 31 October 2019 in Amsterdam.