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We belong to the best Swiss digital agencies – since nearly 20 years

  • Bruno Pedro Mettler

According to the best list of the Netzwoche, Unic ranks 3rd among the best Swiss digital agencies. And this over the time horizons „5 years“, „10 years“ and since the beginning of the best list. The two agencies Hinderling Volkart and Jung von Matt/Limmat rank first and second. We congratulate our colleagues and thank them for helping us to become better.

Unic consistently number 3

The best list of the Netzwoche is based on the achieved points at the Best of Swiss Web. It is now presented in the two time horizons „5 years“ and „10 years“ and no longer over the almost 20 years since the Best of Swiss Web competition was launched. Recently awarded agencies thus have a chance of appearing on the best list. Established agencies that have scored fewer points in recent years are dropping down the list.

We are proud to be among the top three digital agencies in Switzerland across all time horizons.

Top in the categories „Usability“ and „Public Affairs“

Unic leads the ranking in the two categories Usability and Public Affairs. In the important category Business Unic is among the top 3. Unic is also among the top 5 agencies in other categories such as Marketing, Technology or Innovation.

Unic new 5th place in the digital ranking

Netzwoche also publishes the Digital Ranking 2019 with the largest agencies and digital service providers in Switzerland. Unic is now the fifth largest agency. In 2018, Unic was still Switzerland's fourth-largest digital service provider. The Noser Group is a newcomer to the digital ranking and is directly ranked 2nd. The boundaries between the disciplines of web, digital and IT services are disappearing.

Conclusion on the best list

We are an established, large digital agency, which over the years offers a constant quality on a high level. Unic is thus one of the most outstanding digital agencies in Switzerland.

Impressive results at the Splash Awards 2019

At the Swiss Splash Awards, our Drupal projects, and have been awarded in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Furthermore, our project Viollier won second place at the "Project of the year" ranking.