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Morning Routine With Intelligent Services

  • Bruno Pedro Mettler

Start the day relaxed: intelligent services make it possible. Bruno Pedro Mettler, Senior Consultant at Unic, explains how he uses digital gadgets to make his morning more comfortable.

Digital Morning Routine: Convinience Due to AI?

At six-thirty, I wake to the sounds of SRF3 on the radio. For a relaxed start to the day, I stay in bed for another half hour. My alarm is a Bluesound Pulse that I can control from my smartphone and feed different music sources like Spotify or Tidal. I could select a specific artist and have it draw up a playlist of similar tracks. There may even be services that put together a playlist based on my sleeping pattern and play it at the right point in my sleep cycle. But anyway, I prefer the radio in the morning.

On the way to the train station I put in my Bluetooth earbuds and listen to music. Two years ago, I treated myself to Bragi Dash Pro earbuds. Unfortunately, Bragi was a start-up that doesn’t exist anymore. My earbuds have a few features I absolutely love: The Mimi app created a personal hearing profile, and the earbuds specifically adjust the music to suit my hearing. It feels like the tracks are richer and more balanced than before. The best part is what happens when I start running or ride on one of the new Bombardier trains: The earbuds recognize that I am moving and tell me: “You are running. Running mode active.” The earbuds will now track distance and heart rate and count my steps. 

I get my music from the Tidal music streaming service, which recommends new music based on what I’ve listened to. To accept calls, I just nod my head — or shake it to reject them. I am fairly sure that the earbuds are packed with intelligent logic. Artificial Intelligence? It feels like it, but I don’t really know.

The SBB app tells me that my train is three minutes late. For once, I don’t have to run to catch it. The train app predicts the occupancy per car for my journey, so I know where to go to find a seat.

A relaxed morning, thanks to all the intelligent services that make my life easier. I love using different digital gadgets and trying out new things. To me, convenience is what it’s all about. I don’t care whether there is artificial intelligence involved, and a lot of the time, I can’t even tell.

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