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The Principle of Prevolution

  • Lorenzo Mutti

Customers are looking for guidance, trust and relevance in the digital world. It is only by having smart user interfaces that valuable interactions can take place that "understand" customers on their journeys and support them in the best possible way. CSS Insurance wants to be one step ahead of its customers. To do so, it needs to know where its customers are and offer them useful options as they move forward. This is a great vision for a project.

Begin with the End in Mind

Although the new website will go live in early 2020, we designed the key idea for the project as if it were intended for 2025 or even later. This means we can ensure that the website is not outdated on the go-live date (or shortly after) and, most importantly, that it continues to grow with future requirements. Our goal was neither an evolution nor a revolution for the new solution but rather a prevolution. We wanted to create a solution that is designed to still be state-of-the-art years after the go-live.

To this end, we started conducting comprehensive research during the analysis phase to identify the issues that would influence user behavior in the coming years. These four megatrends served as the basis of our vision:

Data-Driven Decision-Making

An increasing amount of data is being gathered in every part of our lives. Regulation doesn’t make our lives any easier but doesn’t leave us with our hands tied either. The best way is to anticipate this and deal with it clearly and transparently. Indeed, transparency is becoming a social norm with many claiming that “if you’re not transparent, you’re suspicious.” This is particularly the case in the health-care system. Price transparency, clear processes, accessible results and disclosure of quality measurement results are all expected. A culture of trust forms the basis of social cooperation.

Social Change

Society is changing faster than ever before. The rate at which digital services are being adopted is exceptionally high, driven by demand from Generation X and Generation Y. Self-determination, self-service and self-care have become standard. However, at the same time, the increased proportion of older people means that simple and practical solutions are required.

The Internet of Things 

IoT applications are multiplying rapidly. There are well over 100 million interconnected devices worldwide. More than half of these are wearables or devices that measure our physical activity, such as sports activities or sleep, or monitor our diet. Many of us already carry several sensors around with us on a daily basis that are continually collecting and analyzing our data. The smartphone in your pocket is the best example of this.

Artificial Intelligence

AI capabilities are developing at record pace. Artificial intelligence offers new ways of providing smart interfaces to customers. We are most preoccupied with machine learning and perception AI.


Slowly but Steadily Toward the Vision

The interdisciplinary project team was aware that the solution they were after would not be 100% ready on the go-live date due to various technical, organizational and content issues. The challenge was to set up a stable foundation that could gradually be built on in the future. This framework was divided into three subareas from the very start: content, access and dialogue. Each subarea can be worked on individually, always depending on the relevant possibilities and developments. The key idea for is: “CSS holds a continual dialogue with its customers. This is over and above the locations, channels, life stages and technologies involved.” We are strongly committed to working together to implement this key idea.

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Space for Something New, Intelligent and Unique

Nicole Buri

CSS aims to offer users a unique experience in the digital world: intelligent services that support users on their journey. To arrive at intelligent solutions, the approach to digital projects must be entirely different.

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