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Bruno Pedro Mettler

Machine Learning Becomes Marketing Standard

Artificial Intelligence has become a standard in marketing. It is changing the way companies interact with customers but also requires marketers to rethink their self-image and skill set.

Lorenzo Mutti

The Principle of Prevolution

It is only by having smart user interfaces that valuable interactions can take place that "understand" customers on their journeys and support them in the best possible way. CSS Insurance wants to be one step ahead of its customers. To do so, it needs to know where its customers are and offer them useful options as they move forward.

Bruno Pedro Mettler

Morning Routine With Intelligent Services

Start the day relaxed: intelligent services make it possible. Bruno Pedro Mettler tells how he uses digital gadgets to shape his morning.

Ghodrat Ashournia

Sitecore Cortex: How Smart is it Really?

How smart are content management systems? And what do you need to do to reap the benefits from it? We looked behind the marketing facade and put Sitecore Cortex to the test.

Unic Author

The Elves of the Future: With Artificial Intelligence instead of Hats

In order to meet the increased demands on software and web applications, we use Application Performance Monitoring tools. These tools offer significant insight into the quality of solutions and support us in monitoring the systems – now with the help of artificial intelligence.