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Matthias Schmid

10 Tips for Successful Campaign Tracking

How can you get the most out of your marketing budget over the long term? Here are 10 key metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns and finding out which advertising and communication campaigns are most successful.

Unic Author

Thoughts on Diversity Inclusion & Holacracy at DrupalCon

Josef Daberning, Senior Consultant at Unic had the chance to be part of the DrupalCon in Seattle to engange with the Drupal Community. In this blogpost, he lays out a few aspects of how Drupal is improving Diversity & Inclusion.

Unic Author

Headless Drupal, decoupling Drupal

Drupal is often and rightly referred to as a classic CMS. However, in recent years Drupal has also made a name for itself in the headless and decoupled scene.