Digital Nudge Day 2018
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Simplicity wins – This is what the Digital Nudge Day 2018 was about

  • Nicole Buri

The Digital Nudge Day – the successor to the well-received E-Commerce Summit – wants to nudge, to give food for thought by showing how companies can design an optimum customer experience – so that the customer feels involved.

On 12 June 2018, over 140 decision-makers from various industries from different fields responded to Unic’s call to meet in «Lake Side» in Zurich. The afternoon was marked by numerous thought-provoking events, controversial discussions, interdisciplinary exchange of experience. We would like to thank our partners: CRIF, Datatrans, MF Group and Sitecore

Visionary and philosophical deliberations – keynote by Sascha Lobo

In his keynote speech, Sascha Lobo resorted to impressive word acrobatics to show the participants the opportunities of exponential progress. With customer behaviour in mind, he moved from the pressure of user expectations, through data enthusiasm to self-empowerment. He called on the participants in the Digital Nudge Day, saying that at present, in the age of platform capitalism, it is extremely important for them to build their own digital customer relationships and create a network of relationships based on information services and associated with their own product. 

His ‘take home message’: it is not technologies that are changing the world, but the way people use them. Companies need to pay more attention to the interaction between man and machine. 

An excerpt from the thoughts by Sascha Lobo: 

Areas of tension when implementing self-services at cashgate

From Sascha Lobo’s visionary and philosophical deliberations the participants were taken back to reality by Christine Reichardt, Head Sales Digital Channels Aduno Group / cashgate. She outlined the areas of tension between the added value from the customer’s point of view, the regulatory framework and organisational structures that cashgate encounters when implementing smart self-services. 

Her ‘take home message’: arrange your self-services into a customer journey to take account of specific situational needs. What can we do with this self-service for customer benefit at this point? 

This interview summarizes the key points of the presentation. 

Self-service at SBB

Christof Zogg, Director Digital Business at SBB, took the participants on a long journey through self-service at SBB. The customers’ digital shift is an intensive task in the change process: the change in behaviour that has been in place for years requires a lot of power. Christof Zogg has summed up his Lessons Learned in 3 paradigms that he has communicated to the participants:

  • Involve the customer.
  • Hide complexity from the customer.
  • Align your self-service consistently with the user experience. 

His ‘take home message’: sometimes it takes a bit more than just a push for a change to succeed. 

This article summarizes the key points of the presentation. 

Findings of the e-commerce report

In an impressive way Ralf Wölfle has demonstrated to Swiss retailers how foreign competitors are trying to win Swiss customers and are constantly increasing their market share. At present, many initiatives carried out by the Swiss are too slow and too weak to counteract this trend. But hope is still there – Ralf Wölfle is convinced that Swiss businesses can find a way to compete successfully.

His ‘take home message’: we need to join forces and cooperate to counter foreign competition.

Concentrate on what really matters

Thanks to Marta Kwiatkowski Schenk we immersed ourselves in psychology of decisions and opened new horizons when listening to her speech. In her presentation «Simplicity – a longing for simplicity» she promoted easy solutions.

Her ‘take home message’: have the courage to concentrate on what really matters for you and just keep echoing the conversations you had during your lunch break. 

We hope we managed to nudge you and give you some food for thought for your way into the digital world.