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Audit at the Touch of a Button with Innovative Control System 360inControl®

Speed up your organization’s audit processes with the 360inControl® internal control system (ICS) by CISS. Based on a set of rules that encompasses the requirements set by international laws and standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27002, COBIT, EU GDPR, PCI-DSS etc., we guide you through the audit process step by step. This allows you to systematically manage and improve your company’s compliance and information security in the long run.

Central Management and Monitoring of Internal Controls

Companies need to meet increased legal and regulatory requirements in order to ensure their business processes are reliable and compliant. It is not always easy to keep up with all the latest regulations. Together with CISS and their 360inControl® solution, we can help you mitigate risks and follow internal and external rules.

How ICS Solution 360inControl® works

360inControl® is a SaaS solution for the digitalization and centralization of governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Information Security Management (ISMS), data classification as well as audit and assessment management. ICS 360inControl® is provided by CISS.

At the heart of the ICS is the Control Library – a set of rules that covers the requirements set out in international laws and standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001, COBIT, EU GDPR and others. Specific rule catalogues can be managed systematically as part of an audit or assessment. The auditor can document results during the process. Should any measures be necessary because criteria are not fulfilled or the auditor sees room for improvement, tasks can be created directly from the findings during the audit and assigned to the person responsible.

A report for all major areas and processes is available immediately after auditing, eliminating the need for a lengthy documentation process for completion of the audit. The report is generated in real time and can be made available to management straight away.

Your Advantages with 360inControl® at a Glance

Start the digitalization of your internal control system with a structured approach to increase security in your organization and minimize risks:

  • All information on the currents status is always available at the touch of a button – thanks to the integrated dashboard.
  • You can approach audits and requirements from a variety of perspectives:
    1. Process-related (e.g. business continuity, risk management, compliance)
    2. Topic-specific (e.g. vendor management, physical security, cloud computing)
    3. Standard-related or regulatory-specific (e.g. COBIT, ISO27x, GDPR, SOX)
  • You can plan and carry out assessments and audits across departments, set up repeat activities and define and monitor measures.
  • You can create your own controls: The Control Library allows you a great degree of flexibility to add new controls or integrate your own frameworks and standards.
  • You can capture and classify all information in a central location.
  • You can map your organizational structure including function, process, department, division, service and site attributes.
  • You can keep your costs in check: This SaaS solution does not require its own infrastructure.

We are partners of CISS

Unic supports CISS in the technical implementation of 360inControl® and manages operation of the solution in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Cloud.

Unic and 360inControl® are the perfect team to reconcile technical aspects with the increasing organizational and regulatory requirements.