Tableau will bring your data to life

Do not leave your analytics data without a form: Tableau makes your data analysis quick, simple, beautiful and useful. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Tableau is a business intelligence and analytics software product that allows you to create interactive data visualisations.

Tableau is a software instrument for data visualisation and analysis.

For everyone – Tableau follows the DIY approach: You do not need any previous software training in order to use Tableau. Tableau enables every user to visually analyse his data, answer specific questions, and build interactive dashboards.

You are welcome to share – Tableau allows you to share visualisations, which are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, and to do it fast.

Independence – The characteristic feature of the Tableau software is that no data warehouse is necessary. Therefore, it is possible to combine different data sources without any processing by the IT.

  1. Get away from confusing Excel charts. Tableau allows you to make data visible and understandable.
  2. With Tableau, you can interactively analyse specific questions, and intuitively recognise the correlations.
  3. Do you have to deliver reports regularly or sometimes on an ad-hoc basis as well? Tableau will make your life easier.
  4. You have no technical background? No worries, with Tableau everyone can perform a data analysis.
  5. Tableau can be quickly integrated into your systems and easily combines data from various sources.
  6. With Tableau you become a data artist, and it is fun!

As an official partner of Tableau, we offer trainings and workshops. We will help you have a unique Tableau experience and get excited about visualisations.

Do you need support with data processing? Our Analytics team will help you.

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