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Targeted online marketing with Tealium IQ

Tealium is the ideal product for large companies, which enables them to use their customer data efficiently and successfully apply it in their market activities.

Tealium is the market leader in enterprise tag management, with over 600 customers worldwide. It facilitates real-time interaction with customers across all digital channels, which is the foundation of targeted online marketing.

Tealium at a glance

What is a tag? – A tag is a small piece of code that is implemented on your website. It measures visitor behaviour, traffic to your website, and much more.

What is Tealium? – With Tealium, you can create, publish and manage all tags centrally for all your digital platforms - without a website release. Tags are downloaded from a cloud, but only those you really need. They do not slow down your platforms.

As a large company, Tealium allows you to control all your tags and also complex tracking situations. You can carry out personalised marketing campaigns with uniform data and customer profiles.

Top 5 benefits of Tealium

  1. Fast implementation: Tealium can be implemented quickly and easily. Also in large companies with many platforms.
  2. High user-friendliness and good workflow: Tealium is very easy to use. Publishing and processing procedures of Tealium are organised in a way that always provides you with a good overview.
  3. Excellent support: With the Tealium tool, you also get the support of specialists who know the product inside and out.
  4. Ready-to-use tags: Tealium has hundreds of tag templates. It facilitates their device- and platform-independent integration and adaptation.
  5. Tracking instantly customisable: Via Tealium Audience Stream®, you can identify customer segments with conversion potentials in real-time. On this basis, you can control your tags immediately.

Unic is top partner of Tealium

We have been working successfully with Tealium since 2014, and are among its top partners. Our Tealium-certified employees have extensive expertise in tag management.

We offer comprehensive Tealium solutions:

  1. Consulting: We will advise you on the use of the Tealium tag management system and help you to define your requirements.
  2. Implementation: We will implement Tealium and take care of testing. We will also integrate the tool into your environment.
  3. Service & Support: On request, we will be happy to provide permanent support of Tealium. We provide operation, hosting and individual response times – 365 days a year.

These customers trust us with their current Tealium projects

Our partners are the heart of Tealium, and Unic with its extensive expertise and reliable cooperation is one of our most valued partners.