Webtrends Infinity: Get to know your customers better

Use Webtrends to find out how your customers behave on your web applications. As one of the most experienced Webtrends service providers, we are the ideal partner for your web analysis with Webtrends.

Webtrends is one of the world's leading and award-winning web analytics tools. With the Webtrends Infinity analytics solution, you can seamlessly capture and evaluate user experience of your customers across all digital channels, from smart phone to a PC.

Webtrends Infinity at a glance

Webtrends is an analytics solution for enterprises that makes it possible to collect and evaluate visitors' traffic on your web applications. Webtrends offers the following functionalities:

  • Standardised and tailor-made reports: Use out-of-the-box reports or compile the desired reports according to your requirements: On which device did your customer book the service? Will Twitter generate the traffic you want on your website? Use Webtrends to find out.
  • Reports in real time: The desired data, ratings and reports can be accessed and viewed at any time, in real time. For example, you will know immediately how and whether at all your new online marketing campaign works, and will be able to react accordingly.
  • Multichannel measurement: Capture your data consistently across all digital channels, devices, and domains, so you can track where and how your customers interact with your brand on their user journey.
  • Segmentation: You can define the segmentation of your data into individual customer profiles according to your needs.

Your advantages with Webtrends Infinity

  • User friendliness: Webtrends Infinity provides unique and user-friendly segmentation and reporting capabilities. These can also get granular in the filtration.
  • Social media integration: Webtrends also shows you the impact of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Xing on your website.
  • Powerful interfaces: With regard to data export, Webtrends Infinity gives you a lot of freedom, for example as to formats and frequency.
  • High flexibility: The roles and rights management can be organised flexibly. The menu can be customised as well.
  • Re-processing of data: Webtrends offers a unique function – Incorrect data in the records can be rectified at a later date.
  • High level of data protection: Webtrends owns the collected data. The data is usually processed in Europe and stored in the USA. Data protection is guaranteed.

Unic and Webtrends

We have been a partner of Webtrends since 2004, and with more than 50 Webtrends customers, we are the most experienced Webtrends partner in Switzerland.

We offer consulting, installation and support for Webtrends from a single source. With many years of experience and high degree of specialisation, we will also design and implement your web analytics solution on your way to success.

Strong solutions need strong partners. That is why Webtrends has chosen Unic as a partner and has full confidence in the expertise and know-how that Unic successfully applies with its customers.