Mondovino Sheer Wine Experience

With the Mondovino wine platform, Coop, one of the biggest retailers and wholesale businesses in Switzerland, is offering its customers a comprehensive and informative experience on the subject Wine. Whether wine connoisseurs or amateurs, all customers will find a suitable wine, and will be able to order it directly online.

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Spring 2014
  • 160+ wines in the wine shop
  • 16+ wine countries
  • 125'000+ active members (status: February 2017)
  • 1'419 corks decorate the Unic office in Zurich

360 Degrees: Wine in all its facets

Coop and Unic worked closely together and have developed the idea of “360 Degrees Wine”, in order to meet the different demands of the heterogeneous target groups. With Mondovino a wine platform has been created to reflect all the facets of the Wine subject: it provides useful information on a continuous basis, it gives personal tips as well as more advanced expertise, and this is where the customers can always find new and fantastic wines that they will enjoy drinking.

Always find the right wine

The search is the central doorway to wine. It will take the user via the different facets through the rich assortment following his needs in that respect, and will thus contribute to the decision-making process. Then the search is personalised into a simple and an extended one offering the suitable criteria to both beginners and connoisseurs.

All about the wine

The detailed pages on the different wines provide all the information searched for by people interested in wine. The information includes, amongst others, the wine origin, recommendations for particular dishes, a store finder to check the local availability as well as ratings including comments of other users. A true lexicon.

Linked with Coop-Universum

Mondovino is linked with other Coop platforms, which noticeably increases the added value for the user. In this way, for instance, the digital discount vouchers of Coop Mondovino can be cashed directly in the basket. Thanks to the additional possibility of linking the basket with baskets from coop@home, the customer can purchase in one step the matching menu with any wine selected by him. Mondovino is the first Coop shop to offer this service.

The experts will help you further

The wine experts are the core component of the Platform. The advisors, who are partially in-house specialists, give face to the wine expertise, and ensure that valid and personal contents is presented.

Always with your own wine cellar on hand

In the Club area, the customer can organise his own, digital wine cellar. In this way he will always have an overview of his wines: those already purchased, tasted or supplied with own notes. Additionally, he will receive customised recommendations on wine.

News on wine delivered to you free

Members will receive a weekly Newsletter with contents on the subject Wine, and also on campaigns and recommendations. The Newsletter is also responsive, and its contents is closely linked with the Website.

Thanks to the developed platform, we obtain an insight into the wishes of our Members, and we can continuously improve our offer this way.