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Pestalozzi Group: The best of both worlds

Pestalozzi Intranet and Website

Unic succeeded in developing a best-of-breed solution for the Pestalozzi Group. With SharePoint providing the basis for the intranet, Typo3 was implemented as the platform for the website. In this way, SharePoint serves as the content management system both for just the intranet and for the website. The latest contents destined for the website can be captured in SharePoint and published with a specifically constructed interface via XML and RSS in Typo3. Thus, in response to Pestalozzi’s request, the staff members who publish contents in the internet work with one single platform only.

Unic’s solution allows our editors to produce contents for the website as well as for the intranet through one single platform. This cost-effective and user-friendly solution has been ideally adapted to our needs and resources.
Diethilde Stein
Head of communication, Pestalozzi + Co AG

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