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Collaboration and communication: Intranet for Amstein+Walthert

Amstein+Walthert - Intranet

Unic has constructed a new intranet for A+W on the basis of Sharepoint 2010 which links all the companies in the group and features an improved document management system in order that staff can use the intranet more efficiently. Metadata, such as in the user profile for instance, have opened up new possibilities: for example, staff with certain skills or experience can now be quickly found.

Being able to operate on an inter-site basis is essential in our business. Unic clearly met the high demands we set for our new collaboration platform in terms of both concept and construction. With Sharepoint 2010 we now have a state-of-the-art intranet that delivers considerable added value.
Daniel Hintermann
Division Manager Informatics, Amstein+Walthert AG

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