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Mammut puts its boots on - Treasure hunt 2.0

Mammut - Shoe Chase

Together with Unic, Mammut launched an interactive, cross-media game – the “Mammut Shoe Chase”. The “Shoe Chase” is a kind of treasure hunt, in which the aim was to find the caches – containers with codes hidden by Mammut fans – which were spread all over the world. The key element of the game was the online community platform known as “Mammut Basecamp”. This is where the participants found out where the caches were hidden and could document their finds with diary entries and photos. An e-mail newsletter, Twitter posts, a Facebook group and banners at the POS mobilised the participants and accompanied the campaign.

The campaign was carried out in true Web 2.0 fashion. The realisation over multiple channels was tailored to the target group and drew the attention of media around the world. All of which make Mammut Shoe Chase the well-deserved winner in this category.
Jury Best of Swiss Web 2010

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