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A lot of optimisation potential for the digital customer focus

This benchmark demonstrates how banks are aligning their digital channel activities with changing customer needs to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

Today's bank client is sophisticated, informed and values autonomy. His expectations as to performance have increased under the pressure caused by the market entry of various fintech players. Especially in the age of information overload, he is looking for a bank in which he will feel understood and taken care of, and which will enable him to make the right decisions independently.

The study is based on the assumption that digital customer focus can be understood in terms of three dimensions: customer experience, interactivity and mobile use journey. The more empathy a bank shows in designing their customer experience, the more interactive services it offers, and the more available it is in the mobile world, the closer it gets to the customer.

The road to an empathetic customer experience is still long

Many banks have consistently implemented their CI / CD concept online, but they are unable to address the customer personally. In addition, the usability of various websites suffer from an excessive amount of design elements used on them. Most banks adhere to proven navigation concepts. Accordingly, in many places, a hierarchical navigation, cross-linking of contents and a search function are enough to fulfil the expectations. However, most banks have not yet made the step towards an empathetic world of experience, which arouses emotions online and focuses on the needs of the visitor. Instead of putting added value to the customer in the centre, they focus on the promotion of products.

Interactive services – digitally illustrated consulting processes are essential

The representation of consulting processes in interactive online services is complex but unavoidable. More and more customers want to prepare a decision on their own by comparing different options before they actually contact a bank consultant. There is a great need for action here: Most banks only offer their visitors simple tools such as an acceptability calculator in the mortgage sector or a tax savings calculator in the case of retirement planning. Specific online services that identify and display gaps, and suggest solutions are rare.

Service performance on the mobile user journey leaves a lot to be desired

Many banks offer versions of their websites that are optimised for mobile devices or responsive Internet sites. However, if you look at the services on the mobile websites in detail, in many places you will be disappointed: Access to the services is often not intuitive and the processing of information leaves much to be desired.

The digital channel has become a central station on the customer journey. Many banks are looking for a way to personally address customers at this point of contact.

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Selected topics of the Benchmark

  • Analysis of online and mobile offers of Swiss and German banks regarding their customer focus
  • Identification of the development potential of the entire industry
  • An instrument that helps to determine a location
  • A basis for the reflection on and further development of digital services
  • Recognition of possible differentiation potentials

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