kompetenzen content strategie

Content Strategy – with the Right Content to Success

Offer valuable content that creates added value and persuade your clients. Because: Content is king!

Your content is the basis for your success in online business. It is your unique selling point. So pay him your full attention. We support you in this – from the analysis to the strategy, the editorial plan and the copywriting.

What Is Content Strategy?

The content strategy comprises analysis, planning, creation and management of the relevant and useful content.

Web applications are developed to provide information. Any content you post online – be it a navigation element, a blog, a product or an image – is content. It must be aligned both with the needs of your users and your business objectives. Ensuring this is the task of the content strategy.

Why the Content Strategy is so important

For months you are working intensively on your new website. Concept and design are in place, development is in its final stages, and the Golive is imminent. Then the wicked awakening: Your content managers get down to creating the texts and realize two things:

  • You don't have enough time to create the more than 1000 pages of content until the golive. The golive is being postponed! This costs money, time and nerves.
  • Concept and design are not at all suitable for the actual content. The pages no longer look the same with the filled content as in the concept.

Avoid this error and put the content at the beginning of your web project: Content First!

Your Advantages of the Content Strategy

Your content will be found and read – Will the user find the valuable facts instantly? Do you offer your customers the content they are looking for? With a content strategy you will provide your customers with a quick access to your texts and thus to your offer.

Good rankings with search engines (SEO) – Google understands what text should be all about, and whether a text covers the important aspects on the subject. That is why good, valuable and relevant content works the best in the search engine optimising.

More traffic, more turnover – Good content pays off. The more useful the content on your site for the user, the more you will increase your traffic and thus your turnover. Your conversion rate will rise.

Customer retention and customer trust – With valuable texts and the right pictures, you are charging your offer with emotions, and you are stepping into a dialog with your customers. In this way you can bind your customers to you.

You are conveying competence – With simple and approachable texts you are underlining your competence and reinforce your credibility.

The Content Strategy with Unic

A successful content strategy comprises the following areas:

Content Audit – In the first step we are answering the following questions: How much content do you have at all? In what condition is your content? Which content can be adopted for the new web project, and what must be created anew?

Content Analysis – On one side we will determine which inner and outer factors or stakeholders influence your content. On the other hand, we will analyse what content you want to offer: we will gather and prioritise your content so that it will match both your business objectives and the needs of your users.

Content production – Who will write and produce the defined content? We will prepare a thorough editing plan as well as content guidelines so that you can create and finalise your content in time, in line with the budget and up to the required quality.

Content management – Also after the Go-live you will need a long-term and practical way of managing your content. We will demonstrate to you how you can manage your content in a sustainable manner.