Content Strategy – the Right Content to Drive Your Success

To achieve the best possible results, it is essential to provide useful, compelling content that creates added value for your customers. Because regardless of whether you are planning the relaunch of your website or you want to expand your content marketing activities, your content is the foundation of a successful online marketing strategy.

Your content is a way for your company to stand out from the crowd. It deserves your undivided attention. We support you in your efforts – from analysis and strategy to setting up an editorial schedule and copywriting texts for users and search engines (SEO).

Why a Content Strategy Is So Important

Does this sound familiar? You spend months working hard on your new website. The concept is solid, the design has been approved, the developers are almost done and the go-live is about to happen. And then, there is a rude awakening: Your content managers start generating the texts and realise that there is absolutely no way you will be able to migrate more than 1,000 pages of content in time – let alone whip them into shape.

Or maybe you have already relaunched your website successfully, you are investing time and money into content generation but are unhappy with the performance? Maybe you are not really speaking your target group’s language? Maybe you are creating content with your business goals in mind, but not your users’ needs?

We think that content should be an early priority in your web project. Content first!

What Is Content Strategy?

A content strategy is a plan for the creation, publication and maintenance of useful and accessible content. All content is carefully designed and structured. It is tailored to the needs of the users and the company’s goals. The content strategy is about working out why and how you offer certain content to users. It is the cornerstone for everything else, such as your social media activities or content marketing.

What You Will Achieve With Your Content Strategy

Your content is read and appreciated – Does your target group find useful information on your website? Does your company offer content that helps your target group? A strategy allows users fast access to your content, and therefore also fast access to your products and services. You meet the needs of your target group, which creates a positive user experience.

Strong search engine rankings (SEO) – Google does not just look at keywords – it also understands what your website is about. For instance, whether the text covers the most important aspects of a certain topic, or whether you have supplementary images and videos. High-quality, useful and relevant content is not only appreciated by users, but also by search engines, making it the best SEO strategy.

More traffic, more revenue – Good content pays dividends. The more useful the content on your site is to your target group, the bigger the increase in traffic, conversion rates and revenue for your company will be.

Generate leads – Relevant content and clever SEO also enable you to reach new customers. It is a nifty way to generate valuable leads for your e-commerce without any advertising, which you can then nurture with accompanying content marketing activities.

Customer retention and customer loyalty – By harnessing relevant topics and using appealing content formats, you add emotion to your message and strike up a conversation with your target group. This allows you to generate customer loyalty, step by step, and build trust.

You broadcast your expertise – Comprehensible and helpful content highlights your company’s expertise, allows you to communicate at eye level with prospects and increases your credibility.

Expect the unexpected – An integrated editorial schedule creates room for spontaneity and always keeps you one step ahead of your users’ needs. Existing content can be adapted for other marketing activities such as social media.

How to Develop a Successful Content Strategy

Together, we develop the right content strategy for your company. From the core strategy statement to analysis of your existing content. From keyword research to processes and methods for distribution. For that, we use the four core aspects of the tried and tested content strategy model by Kristina Halvorson.

How We Support You

Core Strategy

Step by step, we help you sharpen the profile of your content and define a content mission. We look for the overlap between business goals and user needs. Once we have defined the core strategy, we can align everything else with it, such as messages, linguistic guidelines and topic planning.

Content audit

We analyse the volume and current state of your existing content and make recommendations for improvements. The content audit is about finding out which content is successful and why. Do you have a captivating topic but are using wording that is too complex for the target group? To find this out, we use detailed analysis and user surveys, among other things.

Substance and Structure

Based on the core strategy, we define messages for the different target groups. This is about setting a framework for the type of content. Using the findings from the content audit and staying between the strategic guideposts, we determine how to generate the content of different website types for users.

Organisation and Processes

How do you manage content creation? Together with you, we develop organisational structures and roles. Your new strategy will have an impact on processes and editorial schedules. This is about rethinking existing processes. The goal is always to create new content in line with the strategy, using existing resources as efficiently as possible.

Content Guidelines

We create general guidelines, SEO guidelines and editorial schedules based on a comprehensive content style guide so that in future, you can come up with new content ideas within the strategic framework. This is about enabling your staff to implement the new strategy in their day-to-day work. For that, they need expertise, tools and handy checklists, for instance, for search engine optimisation.

Content Management

We introduce you to methods and tools you can use to manage your content in the time after the relaunch. It pays to manage existing content well and to check regularly whether it is still in line with user needs and business goals.

With a content strategy, you not only have a goal, you also get there faster.

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