Datenvisualisierungen mit Digital Analytics

Data Visualisation – Simple Transfer of Information

Make your analytics data visible and understandable: Visualisations help you display your data in an appealing form and make it easy to interpret.

The purpose of digital analysis is to be able to derive data-driven recommendations for action and optimisation. However, it is not enough to collect data – it also needs to be analysed and interpreted. This is where data visualisation comes into play.

Use Data to Create a “Wow” Effect

Data-driven marketing, customer focus and conversion optimisation – analytics data should support all that. But what use is a huge amount of data, if it just lies around in stand-alone reports and Excel sheets?

Become a story-teller: data visualisations tell stories, inspire the user and represent complex facts in a comprehensible way.

Give analytics data a fun streak: Visualisations can be interactive and playful, and ideally create a "wow" effect for the user.

Get clear: Visualisation is an instrument that helps you make better use of analytics data. It also allows non-technical users to view the data, answer questions, and identify the capacity for action.

The Benefits of Data Visualisation

Data-driven marketing is important so that marketing activities can be more targeted and customer-oriented. Visualisations help you:

  • perform customer-oriented marketing activities
  • optimise digital channels
  • process information, make it visible, and display complex contexts in a simple way
  • optimise conversion

Our Offer in Data Visualisation

We will:

  • advise you on the definition of your KPIs
  • help you design and implement visualisation solutions such as KPI dashboards and key figure cockpits
  • support you in the implementation of the visualisation solution in your company
  • offer workshops and trainings during which you can learn the tips and tricks of data visualisation