Device Lab

Device Lab – all Devices at a Glance

We thoroughly test your digital presence on all end devices. We do this in our specially set up Device Lab in the Zurich office. You can also rent our Device Lab and test your application on all commercially available devices.

Today's digital presence covers all devices. Since 2014, the majority of web traffic has been via mobile devices. That's why as a digital agency we develop our products primarily for consumption on mobile devices. Our Device Lab helps us to do this. We test how the website designs, layouts, HTML and CSS are displayed in different resolutions, on different platforms and on all browsers of the different digital devices.

The Unic Device Lab in Zurich

We are proud to present our Unic Device Lab in Zurich. It has a complete and up-to-date selection of all smartphones and tablets that play a role in the Swiss market.

The devices are connected to a development server that allows our developers to quickly and effectively test the appearance and functionality of the websites we create.

It's a software called Ghostlab. Ghostlab provides the development server to which the devices can connect. On the other hand, it synchronizes the display of all connected devices (scrolling, clicking, etc.). This allows the user to detect discrepancies directly on the target devices and debug them there as well.

The advantages of our Device Lab

You save an enormous amount of time during testing

The possibility to test several devices at the same time is an enormous time saving. And you don't just test the layout: Because all devices are synchronized, you can also check all interactions and user activities such as entering data into forms or clicking items at the same time.

Test on real devices, not not in simulation

You also test on the real device. This way you can be sure that you can see the actual behavior of the user interface for this device. This is in contrast to a device emulator, e.g. in-browser development tools, in which certain errors do not occur.

Would you like to rent our Device Lab?

Our Device Lab is at your disposal with the appropriate expert support. We help you to test correctly and to use the devices properly. We offer you support and advice in the required disciplines, be it frontend, design, usability or user experience experts.

The costs

  • Basic daily rate (8–12 and 13–17 hrs) for the use of the Device Lab, inclusive introduction and acceptance of the Device Lab: CHF 1,000
  • Basic daily rate inclusive all-day support of a frontend developer: CHF 2,000
  • Additional support from experts in the fields of conception & creation on a daily basis: CHF 1,500 per additional person.

We would be happy to tell you more in person.