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Digital Marketing – data-based decisions​

Is your message where the customer is? Marketing has never been easier to measure. And that is precisely why complexity is increasing.

Cleverly segmented analyses are the basis for online marketing that is aimed precisely at the target group: Users in the information phase of their user journey have fundamentally different needs than users who are already about to make a decision. We orchestrate your channels and messages into a powerful marketing mix.

Our approach for a powerful marketing mix

How do you interact with your prospects and customers? A deep look into your data reveals a lot about it. With our branch-specific knowledge and our expertise in online marketing, we evaluate your starting position in a differentiated manner. We then identify the strategic need for action. We pay special attention to the following areas:

  • Digital Analytics: Ideally, user behavior can be traced from the data. It shows which marketing measures have so far led to success. Your advertising money is well invested here. However, the approximately 96% of users who have not successfully achieved their business goals are also interesting. This is where we come in.
  • Content Strategy: reviewing your content: How do users interact at the touchpoints? Which content works on which channels? The findings are incorporated into the current planning.
  • Search engine optimization: Good content is definitely too expensive to not be found on Google. We actively contribute our expertise in search engine marketing to the creation of content. You can count on our support in monitoring and optimization.
  • Email Marketing: The dialogue with existing customers cannot be weighted highly enough. A satisfied buyer can one day even become an influencer. We advise you on the selection and integration of a newsletter tool and train your marketers.
  • Marketing Automation: We influence user journeys based on implicit user behavior or explicit user data. The goal is a higher relevance for the user. It goes without saying that this also creates business value for the company.

The Currency in Digital Marketing: Relevance

Your message is mostly directed at the right target groups. But the question of whether the information is also directly relevant for the user is becoming increasingly important. More data about a user, a cookie, an ID or a customer is collected daily via the numerous online touchpoints. This offers enormous potential, provided that the data is used in a legally compliant manner due to the stricter General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We consider search engine marketing to be one of the disciplines with particularly high relevance potential. The user reveals his current needs and ideally lands on your website with the next click. At this moment you should firstly be organically visible, secondly rank with the right page and thirdly traffic should result from it. Long-term success is only possible if all conditions are met. By the way – the click rate is also an undisputed success metric for Google AdWords campaigns, which has an effect on the click price, among other things.

We offer all digital marketing competencies from a single source

We support you fully in the dialogue with your customers and in the interaction of technologies: from the elaboration of your digital marketing strategy to professional conceptual, design and technical implementation.

Count on our many years of experience on the Internet and in the digital world.

Digital Analytics

Make data-driven decisions by analysing the behaviour of your target group.

Email Marketing

Use the possibilities of email marketing in your direct marketing and make full use of the potential.

Marketing Automation

Automatisieren Sie manuell durchgeführte Marketingprozesse und generieren Sie so mehr Leads.