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Experience management: dynamic, inspiring and individual

Breathe life into your content: Make the move from static content management to active and dynamic experience management.

Experience management offers your potential customers an optimised experience on your website or in your e-shop, and helps you get more attention.

Content management, but much more lively

Demands on modern, dynamic web pages optimised for all device classes continue to grow and become more complex. That's why we go a step further: from content management to experience management.

By experience management we mean all the already known functions of content management as well as the following areas:

Context-based content – content is not developed for the general public, but it is customised to customer needs. Visitors are assigned to customer groups based on their surfing behaviour and are supplied with relevant content and offers for them.

Multi-channel support – Visitors no longer only use their PCs with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, but a variety of devices. The content has to be displayed optimally for all devices.

Social media engagement – Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are integrated into digital communication, so the approach can be coordinated across all channels.

Cross-platform integration – Not all content is available in the experience management system, some must be provided by external systems such as a CRM or an e-commerce system. These are connected via interfaces and possibly an enterprise service bus.

Digital analysis – A thorough digital analysis helps understand how an offer is used and how it can be improved. It is possible to examine where potential customers come from, how they behave on a website or in an e-shop, and why they make a purchase or decide not to.

So experience management means much more than "regular" content management, because it helps you take a big step forward in the active approach of your customers.

Maintain your user-focus

Users of your website or shop look for information – and they want to find it quickly, optimally tailored to their device and their needs. "One size fits all" does not work anymore.

Use digital analysis to understand exactly what is happening on your site and how you can improve your offer – for example, with multivariate tests.

The smaller the hurdles in communication and the more precise the offer, the more likely it is that visitors will become your customers. An accurate, personal approach leads directly to bigger success in e-business.

Experience management is our life

From consulting, through concept development and design to implementation, we support you in your experience management projects. By integrating digital analysis, we help you understand your customers and their behaviour, and respond accordingly.

In order to implement experience management solutions, we rely on proven platforms, such as Adobe Experience Manager and the Sitecore Experience platform. Our experts have been working on large and the largest experience management projects for many years and can make your e-business more successful as well.