Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation: At the Right Place at the Right Time

Automate manual marketing processes to generate more leads while building the foundation for long-term customer relationships.

Not only does automation make your daily work easier, it also positively affects your business objectives. Thanks to marketing automation, you can free yourself from repetitive tasks and improve the targeted approach to existing and prospective customers.

Marketing Automation Basics

Targeted communication – Marketing automation is usually associated with the collection and analysis of data via leads and accounts. On the basis of this data, you can address individual accounts or segments in a targeted manner and via suitable communication channels.

At the right time, in the right place – Automation helps you recognize the needs of an individual customer at the right time and be present when your customer needs a certain product or piece of information – around the clock and without manual intervention.

More leads thanks to technology – Marketing automation can be implemented by means of a set of existing systems, a software suite, or a specialised piece of software. Through the use of technology, you can generate more leads and increase conversions.

Individual application of technology – Within marketing automation the degree of technology application may vary. An e-mail sent automatically in response to trigger events is a simple measure. For more complex marketing automation however, there are comprehensive software suites such as Sitecore, Adobe, SAP C/4HANA or specialised software such as Mautic or Hubspot.

The benefits of Marketing Automation at a glance

The automation of digital marketing helps you to increase revenue based on the existing data, for example, by making more targeted conversions for specific products and services. But marketing automation has other added value to offer as well:

  • Freedom from repetitive activities
  • Better targeting of existing / prospective accounts
  • Better customer experience
  • Targeted, relevant email marketing
  • Reduction of wastage in campaign management
  • Comprehensive lead management and lead nurturing
If you launch into marketing automation, make sure you know WHAT you want to achieve. No automation without operationalised targets!

Embark with us on your automated marketing future

Marketing automation offers many possibilities – and it is not always clear where to start. For this reason, we will consult on the development of your digital strategy, operationalisation of goals and personas as well as the concept and implementation of marketing automation projects.

For a start, here are six most important tips on marketing automation:

  1. Operate and document people and goals
  2. Define and document desired customer journeys
  3. Find out about the automation potential and follow-up conversion points for lead nurturing
  4. Find content elements (on the website, in the newsletter, in AdWords, etc.) which can be personalised
  5. Document requirements for marketing automation
  6. Provide the basics for data collection and evaluation