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User Research – Do you know your customers?

Do you know your customers? Do you know their needs, why they are on your website and what they want to do there? With our User Research you will find not only the answers to these questions. This tool is also a condition for you to offer true added value to your customers on your website.

With the User Research, you will find out who your customers are: their behaviour, their wishes, and their motivation. The knowledge about your customers lies at the root of a successful web project, as in this way you will provide what your customers really want.

Involve your customers with User Research right from the start

The goal of the User Research is to get to know the users of a website. Only then can we start developing suitable and user friendly products. There isn’t however the one User Research. It comprises various qualitative and quantitative methods. They should be applied in order to involve potential customers of a website as early as possible in the development process.

Those methods include for instance:

  • Usability tests
  • Online surveys
  • First click tests
  • Digital Analytics
  • and many more

Very important is also the prototype: With help of prototypes of the website – be it wireframes or already a clickable prototype – the user will be involved all the way in the further development.

 The 5 advantages of the User Research at a glance:

  • You know who your target group is.
  • You can continuously verify the strategy and vision for your website.
  • You can prevent a poor user experience.
  • You will gain an insight into the needs and difficulties of your website users.

With this knowledge you will be in a position to design your web application specifically to meet the needs of your user.

User Research isn't something you do, if you have the time, it's something you need to do in order to have successful product.

Our wide range of services in User Research

We are offering you various commonly used methods of User Research. Which methods we apply in your Project will entirely depend upon the type of information we will collect.

  • Personas: Together with you we will create so-called Personas - Personas will represent users of your website. They are fictitious persons with certain needs and goals, which will be derived from real data. They will help understand the behaviour of the users.
  • Usability Tests & Remote Usability Test: With participation of testing persons sitting in an adequately equipped room, various test scenarios will be examined on your website. At this point, the behaviour and experience of the testing persons will be recorded. If the test is a remote one, the test person will sit at his/her own computer and run the test using the test software.
  • Online surveys: Potential users will answer an online survey. For this purpose we will develop a questionnaire to help us get to know your website users and to reveal any website problems.
  • Digital Analytics: The Analytics data say a lot about the real behaviour of your users: what subjects they are interested in, what they are looking for and where they will go after quitting your website. Using the Analytics data, you will find out where specifically you can improve.
  • Card sorting: With the help of the Card Sorting, we will work together with you to examine the information architecture of your website. The website structure will be divided into individual components. The components will be noted down on separate cards and subsequently sorted anew according to the user needs.
  • Prototyping: Prototypes allow for testing of a website already at an early development phase. With the help of wireframes or an already clickable prototype, the structure, the design and the content of a future web application will be developed and furthered refined.
  • First-click test: The first wireframes and design proposals can be uploaded onto a platform and provided with questions. They will be clicked upon by the testing persons and answered. In this way you will obtain an important feedback already at an early project stage. Additionally, with A/B tests you can test different scenarios.
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