Mit den richtigen Inhalten zum idealen Nutzererlebnis mit unserem Whitepaper zu Web Experience Management

Turn your customers into fans

Stand out from the crowd by communicating with your customers. Your company is unique because of the experience you offer to them.

Our white paper on the Adobe Marketing Cloud makes you fit for the implementation of a sustainable Customer Journey. Only available in German.

Customers today do not want to read standardized information, but rather receive offers tailored to their needs. They want to experience things and they want to learn that they have chosen the right company.

Show the content in a user-friendly manner on all devices. The responsive design and thus readability on all devices must not include any tripping hazards. Every hurdle can cost you money. You can expect the user to retrieve your website from multiple devices.

Turn your prospective- and existing clients to fans. Convince clients on all channels and offer them more than they expect. Strengthen the emotional bond through unique experience. Both in terms of communication and in terms of usability.

Delight your customers

Communicate across all channels using your customers’ language. Listen to your customers and understand their expectations, wishes and fears. With fully integrated systems across several channels, you will be able to put the knowledge of the customers into practice. You can communicate in line with their needs and the customers feel understood.

Bundle content

Most content comes from different internal and external systems. It is important to provide the content, to combine it meaningfully and to present it to the visitors in the right way.
You can use Micro Services or an Enterprise Service Bus, depending on the complexity of the services to be connected, their number and the corresponding system landscape.

Do you want to learn more?

With our whitepaper «Von Inhalten zu Erlebnissen», you will learn how to get closer to the customer journey and bundle content in the right way using Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Download our Whitepaper «Von Inhalten zu Erlebnissen» for free now!

Selected topics of the Whitepaper

  • From content to experiences: Web Content Management vs. Web Experience Management
  • Content? Context!
  • Optimised content on all channels
  • Marketing Automation / Social Engagement
  • Interaction of systems

The whitepaper is only in german available.

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