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Free Website Security Check

Would you like to know how secure your web application is? We offer you a free Website Security Check. After our check-up, you will receive a report with concrete measures that you can take to improve not only the security of your website, but also its performance.

We Check the Security of Your Website

The demands placed on the IT security of digital marketing and e-commerce systems by customers, partners and legislators are continuously increasing. Therefore, it is important for users to have their website regularly subjected to an independent check. This is the only way to ensure a consistently high level of security across all online channels.

Website Check: How it Works

We check more than 25 different headers, DNS settings and other elements of your website. In this way we check whether your application is secure against attacks and protects the personal data of your customers. As part of our Website Security Check, we also give you an assessment of how difficult and risky it is for you to implement our recommendations. If you wish, we can also compare the security of your web application with that of a competitor or partner in order to provide you with even more specific suggestions for improving the security of your website.

Our security concepts are developed in close cooperation between software developers, system engineers and security experts, which is why they have proven themselves in practice.

Simple Application of the Security Report 

Just a few days after receiving your request, we will provide you with a comprehensive report with information and concrete recommendations to improve the security of your website. If desired, our specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have. Of course, reports can only be ordered and received for directly responsible web applications.

Any questions about our Security Report? Please get in touch.

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