Creating intelligent user interfaces with unic

Intelligent User Interfaces – More Than AI

It takes more than technology to make digital services intelligent. In this dossier, we show how intelligent user interfaces are created. Immerse yourself in our diverse approaches to artificial intelligence.

Thomas Winkler und Markus Dittli von Schweiz Tourismus im Gespräch. A Keen Eye for Innovation Serving Switzerland

As an early adopter, Switzerland Tourism actively uses new technologies to provide its guests with continuous and needs-based support when they are planning their trips. In an interview, Thomas Winkler and Markus Dittli from Switzerland Tourism spoke to us about their key ideas, innovation and the relaunch of

Embracing Change With Human-centered Design

What does it take for Human-Centered Design (HCD) to work? That it does not just pay lip service? We have consistently carried out the optimization of in a user-centered manner. With prototypes and common principles.

Christian Muoio - ALTE LEIPZIGER – HALLESCHE Konzern

The ALTE LEIPZIGER – HALLESCHE Group Enters the Digital Age

Digital change at ALTE LEIPZIGER – HALLESCHE Group. The company has set a new standard in customer communication with the relaunch of its two websites and What better reason to take a closer look at the project in an interview!

Unics Kompetenz in Beratung und Entwicklung von Headless CMS

​Headless – what you need to know

Is the new and flexible headless approach the right way for you? We will show you what a Headless has to offer, and will help you find the suitable solution.