SBB Ticket Machines Are Ready for the Future

Unic has implemented SBB's "ticket machine of the future" with Web Components. In his interview, Yves Tscherry, Senior Frontend Engineer at Unic, explains what's so special about the ticket machine.

Frontend First API Mocking

Great API mocking can make testing easier and reveal UI and UX problems early in a project. Because we weren’t happy with current services and libraries, we’ve built a new service to fulfil our needs. You can check it out over here – it’s called FakeQL.

Design by Committee

Espen Brunborg proved at the Front Conference 2019 very skillfully that a solution designed to please everyone may please no-one in the end. He did this by creating an almost proverbial pink hippo for drunk pirates. Intrigued? Then read more.

Efficient Order Processing for Medical Devices with SAP Commerce

For a customer who sells high-quality medical products to pharmacies, doctors and specialist medical retailers, we have developed an Omni-Channel platform based on SAP Commerce that goes much further: it maps the entire B2B2C chain right down to the patient.

Unics Kompetenz in Beratung und Entwicklung von Headless CMS

​Headless – what you need to know

Is the new and flexible headless approach the right way for you? We will show you what a Headless has to offer, and will help you find the suitable solution.