Welcome to Unic Wrocław!

Wrocław is not without reason the so-called "Flower of Europe". In the “city of water” with its 100 bridges and twelve islands, state-of-the-art technology, innovation and a flourishing economy meet cultural treasures. In our technology forge in the heart of the city, our IT specialists work on innovative solutions that inspire our customers.

Here you can find us in Wrocław

Who we are

Since 2013, 40 Uniclers have been working hand in hand with their colleagues from Germany and Switzerland. The modern, spacious and well-equipped offices offer a feel-good atmosphere with plenty of room for creativity, productivity and teambuilding. A good work-life balance is guaranteed:

  • Treat yourself to a short break with Swiss chocolate.
  • Relax on the large balcony.
  • Take a sporty break in between with a table soccer game.
  • Train your marksmanship with Dart.
  • Let your soul dangle in the nearby Old Town.
  • Have fun at one of the many team events.

Our vacancies in Wrocław 

Frontend Engineer

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Software Architect & Engineer

3 open positions

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