Der Frontend-Experte Thomas Jaggi im Interview

«Internet is a platform for all» – Accessibility means everything

Thomas Jaggi, Expert Frontend Engineer at Unic, participated in the development of the recently launched Accessibility Developer Guide (ADG) in cooperation with the «Access for All» foundation and the agencies Zeix AG, Liip and Hinderling Volkart. He talks about the community’s initiative, his engagement for a barrier-free digital world and the significance of accessibility for Unic.

Die SBB am Digital Nudge Day 2018

Self-servicing in public transport

Christof Zogg took us on an exciting trip to the world of self-service. He revealed that for SBB, self-service is not only an instrument for automation and cost savings, it also serves to improve customer experience.

Smart self-services put customer benefits in the centre – an interview with Christine Reichardt, cashgate

When it comes to designing smart self-services, cashgate is facing various areas of conflict between added value for the customer, regulatory framework conditions and organizational structures. During the Digital Nudge Day 2018, Christine Reichardt, Head Sales Digital Channels Aduno Group / cashgate, showed us what cashgate does to find the right balance between these issues.