Unic wins the Sitecore Experience Award

Experiences that fascinate: Unic, together with Liechtensteinischen Landesbank, wins the Sitecore Experience Award for «Best Web Content Experience». With the recent award, Sitecore has honoured Unic for the twelth time.

Tiziano Lenoci of the GVP Group in an interview with Unic

Added value for customer always in view – Digitisation at GVB Group

The GVB Group sets standards in comprehensive customer care. Tiziano Lenoci, Head of Marketing & Sales, has shown us how the GVB Group uses technologies in the course of digital transformation to offer added value to its customers. GVB Group wants to position itself as an important partner in the lives of home owners and therefore goes beyond insurance-related issues.

Oliver talks about software quality at FOOBY

Sustainably improving software quality – Oliver Burkhalter in an interview on FOOBY

The FOOBY project is considered a showcase project for a new standard in software development at Coop. Oliver Burkhalter, Senior Application Engineer, has been working on Unic software projects for 13 years. At FOOBY, he was Unic's technical responsible. In an interview, he explains which technologies and processes were introduced to improve software quality and how the cooperation with Coop took place.

Peter Merholz: “All design is service design”

Always have the user context in mind: We are convinced that Human Centered Design is a crucial success principle in the digital world. We talked to Peter Merholz, design expert and co-author of “Org Design for Design Orgs” about the importance of “Design Leadership”. In his book, Merholz addresses the question of how design teams can be successfully built and managed within the company.

Der Frontend-Experte Thomas Jaggi im Interview

«Internet is a platform for all» – Accessibility means everything

Thomas Jaggi, Expert Frontend Engineer at Unic, participated in the development of the recently launched Accessibility Developer Guide (ADG) in cooperation with the «Access for All» foundation and the agencies Zeix AG, Liip and Hinderling Volkart. He talks about the community’s initiative, his engagement for a barrier-free digital world and the significance of accessibility for Unic.