Communication on a New Level

Cléa Fierz

The collaboration on the Zurich Airport project brought an unprecedented level of communication. Marta Imos-Merska, senior software engineer in Poland, speaks about the international collaboration and technical challenges on the project from a back-end developer’s perspective.

BOSW Award Night winners

A Shiny Performance at the Best of Swiss Web Award Night

Nicole Buri

It was a special award night. Covid-19 dampened the party mood, but there were still many moments of jubilation for us. We are very happy about the brilliant balance: Our projects won 3x gold, 4x silver, 7x bronze and as a crowing touch the Master of Swiss Web.

Sitecore Headless

Headless at Zurich Airport – a Look Back

We would like show how we have developed a state-of-the-art platform for Zurich Airport that opens many doors. We present the technologically innovative approaches of this interconnected multisite platform and try to shed light on the question of how decoupled Sitecore Headless really is.