In the mountain office as well: Chief marketing officer Michael Gyssler at the Swiss office of Seon AG.

The Mammut Project: Relaunch of a Swiss animal

The redesign of the worldwide Mammut website together with the launch of an online shop was a huge project for both the outdoor brand and Unic. In this interview, Michael Gyssler, Chief Marketing Officer, reveals what is behind the relaunch and how Mount Everest fits in all that.

„Kleine Schritte gehen, Ruckschritte akzeptieren, Gesamtsicht im Fokus behalten“: Catherine Loeffels Erfolgsrezept

Simple goal, very complex implementation

The Swiss Post has made its website more customer-oriented. While this sounds easy, it took Catherine Loeffel, the then Project Manager of WEPP (Post Office Portal Development) and 300 other employees four years of work.

«It was brave to abandon an online shop»

Martin Sturzenegger, Director of Zurich Tourism, 42-year-old business economist has headed the Zurich Tourism organisation since April 2013. Before that, he worked as Sales and Marketing Manager, as well as Management Board member at the Rhaetian Railway.

E-commerce for connoisseurs

For Coop, Unic has realised a new wine platform. Dr. Thomas Schwetje (Head of Marketing / Services) and Michael Bietenhader (Head of CRM / Digital Marketing) explain the idea behind Mondovino.