User Experience für die digitale Plattform des Flughafens Zürich

A Personalised Experience From the First Click

Konrad Lottenbach

The new Zurich Airport website combines physical touchpoints with digital presence to create an integrated, personalised experience. What approaches and methods did we use to create a convincing user experience? Let me show you how a user-centric approach and an experimental mix of methods enabled us to do justice to both worlds.

Header EMV Elisabeth Starke

EMV – A Simple Design for Maximum Usability

Unic recently developed a completely new concept for UI design, user experience and frontend for Europa Möbel Verbund (EMV). In our interview, Elisabeth Starke (EMV), Florian Armbrust and Jutta Weber (both Unic) tell us about the approach that made the project successfully and explain why user experience is so important in product sales.

Communication on a New Level

Cléa Fierz

The collaboration on the Zurich Airport project brought an unprecedented level of communication. Marta Imos-Merska, senior software engineer in Poland, speaks about the international collaboration and technical challenges on the project from a back-end developer’s perspective.