Bringing the Users on Board for Schulthess Klinik’s New Website

Involving those affected: In our web projects, we follow Human Centered Design (HCD) principles from the outset. In our interview, Enrico Manzanell, Head of Marketing and Communication at Schulthess Klinik, and Katja Dreher, Senior User Experience Architect at Unic, talk about why and how patients and referring physicians were included in the HCD process for the relaunch of

Digitalisation at KPT – an opportunity to challenge existing ecosystems

KPT wants to stay true to its guiding principle “personal” and therefore accompanies its users individually on their decision-making journey, also in the digital world. That's why KPT has analysed user needs, questioned existing concepts and processes and turned them completely upside down. As a result, a fully new customer journey approach has emerged for the health insurance sector which is, among others, capable of integrating the premium calculator into the website. In the interview below, Catherine Loeffel and Roland Greber will explain the trends that have influenced the KPT’s digital path and the leading ideas which have driven the relaunch.

Ten factors for a successful marketing automation

Marketing automation is an exciting field with a lot of potential for real market advantages and creative marketers. But how can marketing automation be successfully implemented? We have compiled ten success factors to help you evaluate suitable automation tools and to implement your first use-cases.

Nadine Hutter

Froneri’s way from B2B to B2B2C

To respond to the changing needs of its customers, the Swiss joint venture between Nestlé and the British ice-cream manufacturer R&R Ice Cream has modernised and optimised its digital strategy regarding the distribution of its ice-cream, frozen food and chilled dairy products.

An interview with Nadine Hutter, Digital and E-Commerce Manager at Froneri Switzerland S.A.

Unic wins the Sitecore Experience Award

Experiences that fascinate: Unic, together with Liechtensteinischen Landesbank, wins the Sitecore Experience Award for «Best Web Content Experience». With the recent award, Sitecore has honoured Unic for the twelth time.